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Straight from our ateliers to your wardrobe.
A concept without intermediates.

The clothing industry has undergone a structural shift over the last decade.

The rise of "fast fashion", where consumers are told that it's OK to buy low quality garments because they are cheap, looks like a death sentence to traditional, upmarket clothing.

People have come to think that it's normal for clothes lose their shape after being worn a couple of times, or for seams to come undone after a few washing-ironing cycles.

We don't.

We've been in the clothing industry since the late 70s, manufacturing garments for the best-known, quality brands.

We love clothing. We take pride in quality. We cherish the time it takes to make every detail perfect.

In order to be able to continue doing what we love, and not to surrender to the "fast fashion" perversion, we had to adapt. We created out own brand, Handcoh, and put all our knowledge, experience, and ressources into the clothes that bear its label.

We've created this website,, to avoid the costs of brick-and-mortar shops, and sell our clothes directly from our workshops to you.

By cutting out intermediaries, we are able to bring down the price of luxury clothing, and to stay relevant in the consumer mindset.

Our clothes are an investment in the way you feel, in the way others perceive your social standing.

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